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starting over… again.

I keep dropping the ball on this fitness thing. & the logging thing. ESS EMM AYTCH.

Let’s try this again, shall we?




Sleep: 6hrs


10AM: 10oz. water, croissant


4PM: still not great.


3PM: 30-min run w/ Milo; bottom-to-bottom tabata squats (=9)



Sleep: 7hrs


9AM: 6 strips bacon, 2 plain crepes, 18 oz. water

2PM: lots of water, some stuffing

6PM: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, baby spinach, carrots, cooooke

10PM: half a bottle of beer (Pilsner Urquel)


4PM: not great.


taking photos alllll night — it really is quite the workout 🙂


Holy buckets, it’s been 5 months (& 2 days) since I last logged! I’m starting a new challenge next Monday (Stay Right Through Winter), so it’s time I got back into the swaaang of thaaangs.

Sleep: 2 hrs & 10 mins (BLAME IT ON TWILIGHT)


6AM: 10 oz. water

8AM: 18 oz. water

11AM: pasta with chicken, 18 oz. water


4PM: like crap. I neeeed sleeeeep… but I still have another half hours of work & a birthday dinner to attend afterwards. I need a hard slap in the face to shock me into a more wakeful state. AUGHHH.


6:30AM – “Angie”

for time: 100 pullups // 100 pushups // 100 situps // 100 squats = 33 mins & some change (didn’t record the actual time — will update later; modded w/ rows instead of pullups & pushups on the knees)

The workout Dru originally planned for us this morning was “Kelly” (5 rds for time: 400m run, 24 box jumps, 30 wall ball shots). My stomach dropped in a most uncomfortable way when I saw that, but as I was trying to mentally prepare myself (inner monologue mantra chanting “you can do this, you won’t vomit — you can do this, you won’t vomit), Dru decided to switch it to Angie because of the rain. I have never been more thankful for the Seattle rain than I was at that precise moment. Don’t get me wrong — Angie is still quite the challenge & I know I’m gonna be walking all sorts of funky tomorrow. But running might have killed me today.

Hopefully I have learned my lessons. #1: get more than 2 hrs & 10 mins of sleep prior to a workout. #2: wake up early enough to eat a little something before a workout. #3: don’t stay up until 3:30AM to watch The Twilight Saga: New Moon at the theater. & #4: stop slacking on the workouts & nutrition, damn it!

En garde.

are we there yet?

Just kidding. I have to admit, the past month (save for the first few days) of exercise and dieting has gone by pretty quickly.

After watching the Crossfit Games NW Qualifier at Magnuson yesterday, a bunch of us went to Red Robin for dinner. And after we had all ordered our food (a whole lot of lettuce wrap burgers — no buns! haha), Dru reminded us that it was the end of week 4 and asked us if we were seeing results. I’m pretty sure we collectively responded with a resounding YES.

Personally, I’m mostly happy with the changes that have occurred in my lifestyle over the past month. Before you bitch at me about only being “mostly happy”, let me explain real quick — my first priority was not for my body composition to change, but that was inevitable. I just didn’t expect (or want) certain areas to shrink and other certain areas to grow. I’m probably (hopefully) the only one who notices… but whatever. It happened, too late now.

Back to the positive: my goal has been to improve performance-wise; I wanted to be harder, better, faster, stronger (/daftpunk). I’m slowly but surely on my way there and celebrating every small success on the way. Maybe it’s stupid, but each time I realize that I’ve successfully given up a vice (like chocolate muffins or french fries), I can’t help but feel kind of proud. I’m feeling proud all the time, like when I can run just a little bit farther without stopping than the last time, or when I can happily eat a salad while every other person at the table is chowing down on french fries. Or when I picked my dad’s luggage up out of the trunk on Saturday morning without any trouble while he marveled and said, “You can do that?!”

I haven’t changed completely. I still drink Coke when I can and sometimes I’m too lazy to get food so I just don’t eat. I still dread and fear every single CrossFit workout, and while I’m working out I still wonder why I’m putting myself through this (don’t worry, I remember immediately afterwards. haha). I’m a work in progress and I probably always will be. But I’m proud of the moves I’ve made thus far and I’m hoping for the best in the next couple of weeks (+ forever after). Wish me luck.

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